What we do

Black girls show high academic performance throughout school; at university, things change.

Against discouraging odds Black women continue to bet on each other.

At KINSIS, we love to see it. We want to level the stakes. We are a social enterprise changing the game for Black women in Higher Education through a 3 Point Approach: Community, Programmes and Research.


Through our community arm, we are building an edifying community of women and partners across generations and sectors. Student-led and alumni-led groups are also formed to promote holistic leadership development, explore mutual interests and facilitate meaningful peer relationships. We have established our signature KINSIS Labs to promote pastoral care, upskilling and leadership development to ease into academic and professional life.

Our flagship university chapter was founded at the University of Warwick in 2015. In 2020 we proudly opened our second chapter at the University of Southampton and in 2021 we launched our Counselling Programme for our student members across existing chapters. We are continuing to grow and are excitedly working with new partners to establish more chapters across the UK.


Through our development programmes, we emphasise capacity-building, address socioeconomic challenges and prioritise the role of creativity and wellbeing to upskill post-18 students and early career professionals to lead sustainable lives and make impact that lasts. Through our programmes, we are catapulting the next generation of Black women leaders forward.

With a thriving network of almost 1000 Alumni & Friends across multiple sectors, we expose our members to industries that help them reimagine themselves in the world.


Through our research arm, we locate the educational and early-stage workplace experiences of Black women in the UK through both traditional and non-traditional forms of storytelling. Using bespoke frameworks and methodologies we aim to set a standard for the disaggregation of ethnic minorities experiences so as to get a better look at what they consist of.
Right now, we are detailing and evidencing the stories of Black women in Higher Education. We want to shake things up. Going beyond the moral appeal for inclusion, KINSIS shares fresh and bold perspectives of the future of the educational and workplace ecosystem.

KINSIS at Work


I didn’t attend Warwick University; however, I was always so glad that a good friend of mine did. I loved hearing my friend’s stories of the community she found at Warwick. She experienced solidarity in the form of friendship and the best social events! It was a big yes when I was later asked to come and lead this community

Alumni | Southampton Chapter (2019)

I found my first job through KINSIS-BWP and it couldn’t have been a better way to enter the working world

Alumni | Warwick Chapter (2015)

I feel like I can do anything when I’m with this community. The support, the understanding, the love – it’s like being held

Student | Warwick Chapter (2021)

I didn’t know how much I needed the KINSIS-BWP community until I had it. You rarely get a moment to reflect and unpack where you’ve been and where you’re going, but here I always do

Alumni | Warwick Chapter (2017)

Before I went on the [leadership] programme, I couldn’t say I saw myself as a leader but ever since the summer I’ve seen myself and the work I do in a new light. I’m doing great!

Student | Southampton Chapter (2019)

The alumni network is everything! I’m friends with filmmakers, senior civil servants, PR professionals and practically anyone else you can imagine!

Alumni | Warwick Chapter (2020)

Every year I learn about a job or field I never knew existed. The exposure with KINSIS is incredible

Student | Warwick Chapter (2021)

Putting myself forward to lead this community at university was the best decision I ever made. I have found my life-long friends and understand more of what me and my community are capable of

Alumni | Warwick Chapter (2018)

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