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History shows that Black women are worth betting on.

And that’s what we do. Our vision is to grow an organisation whose community, programmes and research enable Black women in Higher Education to Be Well, Do Well and Lead Well.
And as we work toward that vision, we need your help.

Bet on Black women today by sponsoring our work.

£ 25 will help fund a wellness kit for a student member at a chapter to help her Be Well in difficult seasons.

£ 50 will contribute to sponsoring one student’s place at our annual Leadership Programme and help them Lead Well in future.
£ 100 will fund one student researcher’s expenses to Do Well by helping us document the experiences of Black women in Higher Education in the UK for a month.

£ 150 will fund up to 10 culturally sensitive counselling sessions aimed to help our student members grow and develop so they can Be Well in order to Do and Lead Well.


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